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The Canadian American Business Alliance of South Florida was founded as a result of initial meetings held  in the summer of 1989.  Among those in attendance were Mike Donnelly, Ric Base and James Crandell.  Our first board also included Marc Chamberland, Mark Coel, Marilyn Halberg, Claes Lindberg, Alice Reiter and Mark Young.  Special mention must be made of Stewart Beck, the first Canadian Consul and Trade Commissioner in Miami.  We were in our very formative stages when Stewart got involved with CABA and became a board member.  His involvement was instrumental to our early success.

Canada and the US and Canada and South Florida enjoy a very special relationship.  The Canadian American Chamber of Commerce of South Florida wants to enhance this special relationship.  We need your involvement to make our efforts a success.

Michael J. Donnelly
Chartered Professional Accountant (British Columbia),
Chartered Accountant (British Columbia)

Founding President
December, 1999


One of the principal reasons an individual or company joins an organization like the Canadian American Chamber of Commerce is to network with those who share similar  interests with the purpose of exploring new business opportunities.  The Canadian American Chamber of Commerce provides a unique opportunity for business people sharing an interest in Canada or Canadian / American issues to come together to meet, discuss and exchange ideas and develop long term business relationships.


The CanAm Chamber has organized, hosted and participated in a variety of events and programs over the years. 

Speaker Programs

The CanAm Chamber has hosted two types of speaker programs.  One which focuses on technical issues related to cross border trade and the other which features prominent speakers from both the public and private sector.


The CanAm Chamber has participated in numerous receptions for visiting Canadian dignitaries, Canadian companies exhibiting at trade shows in  South Florida and many other special occasions.

Social Programs

The CanAm Chamber has organized social programs for sporting events (hockey  and baseball), cultural events (ballet and symphony) and other functions such as the CanAm Chamber's Canada Day Reception, the CanAm Chamber's Weekend in Naples and the CanAm Chamber's New River cruise.

Canadian University Alumni Dinner

The CanAm Chamber has organized a "Canadian University Alumni Dinner" for Florida alumni of Canadian universities.  The event has been cosponsored by a major Canadian university in cooperation with the alumni associations of other Canadian universities.


The CanAm Chamber organized two international healthcare conferences and exhibitions with participants from Canada, the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.

Joint Events

The CanAm Chamberhas co-sponsored events with many other South Florida business organizations over the years including other bi-national chambers of commerce, WTCs, local chambers of commerce and the South Florida chapter of the Association For Corporate Growth.



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